Clinical Trial Statistical Consultancy and Data Management Services: Customer Reviews

The following are some testimonials which our customers have kindly agreed to let us reproduce here:

"I have worked with Wilkinson Associates over many years on a wide variety of studies. They are always professional, timely and happy to make sure that you fully understand the methodologies used. They have that rare skill of making statistics part of the team. I have always found them to be very helpful and supportive.
Investigators have always appreciated their willingness to engage and discuss the statistical analysis for a particular project and I have always found them to be very helpful and supportive. It seems that no project is too small, they always provide the same high quality service and a very practical and realistic approach.
Peter's practical, understandable approach to statistics has meant I have gone back to him again and again."

Paul Chester, Senior Manager, Novo Nordisk

"I have been associated with Peter Wilkinson for many years. He always delivers high class , accurate work on time and within budget. In addition, he is easy to deal with and readily gives constructive advice during the course of projects. I can recommend him without any hesitation."

Dr Vivian Philips, Pharmaceutical Medicine Consultant, previously MD of MMR Ltd, Medical Director / Board Member of Wyeth Laboratories.

"Wilkinson Associates has provided my company with data handling and Statistical services for many years. The quality of their work has always been superb, and they have never missed a deadline! I cannot recommend them highly enough"

Nigel Trim, Managing Director, Novella Clinical

"I have used and worked with Peter Wilkinson and Wilkinson Associates for over 20 years and that speaks for itself! I always recommend Peter Wilkinson as that rare statistician - one who can talk to clinical staff in words they can understand. Another plus is that you always get personal and reliable service."

John English, Clinical Consultant, Study Manager Profile Pharma Ltd

"We have worked with Wilkinson Associates on several clinical study projects with successful outcome. They are a friendly, thorough and professional CRO"

Larry Glick, Director, Flexpharm and Enterotech Ltd

"I have worked on many occasions with Wilkinson Associates and always found that them to be a very efficient and professional Company, always meeting very short timelines and requests for extra analyses with no fuss.

Peter is also one of the few Statisticians I actually understand! "

Vicky Diment, Consultant Clinical Project Manager

"I have recommended Wilkinson Associates to a number of clients for reliable data management and statistical work. It is always refreshing, when developing a protocol, to discuss the statistical aspects without all the statistical jargon, such that non-statisticians understand the issues."

Dr Geoff Kitson, Medical and Commercial Consultant, ProPharma Partners Ltd

"Wilkinson Associates have carried out data handling and statistical analysis for my company for a number of years, and we have always been delighted with the high standard of work and the helpful approach they have provided. Peter Wilkinson has also represented us at meetings with regulatory authorities as a statistical expert."

Dr Anant Pandya, Director, Transdermal Ltd

"I have worked with Wilkinson Associates on several projects. They are keenly aware of the difficulties of recruitment and running a clinical trial, so they provide good practical solutions to real life problems."

LC-T, Clinical Research Consultant

"I have worked with Wilkinson Associates for more than 4 years on the analysis of data from multi centre trials. The most challenging project involved several re-analyses of data with results that impressed the main author so much that he invited Peter to be an author on the primary paper."

Dr Gerhard Compion, Associate Director Medical Affairs, Astellas Pharma

"Wilkinson Associates have provided excellent statistical services for DePuy International Ltd.& Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited on several occasions. Their work & the advice given by Peter Wilkinson has always been good and the reports/statistical analyses always on time, frequently prior to deadlines & always acceptably priced.

I fully recommend the services provided by Wilkinson Associates."

Dr Roy E Harvey BSc(HONS) PhD FICR Csci, Clinical Research Manager, Knees & Orthobiologics, Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited

"I had the pleasure to work with Wilkinson Associates in relation to clinical trials statistics. They have been of great support throughout the process: planning of sample sizes, power calculation, and most importantly meaningful results to just mention some. Always available, tactfully steering away from 'impossibilities' and making sense of the difficulties, they managed to make the whole process quasi-enjoyable."

Dr Gloria Petralia, Thrombosis Research Institute, London

"Wilkinson Associates provided us with an exceptional degree of service from trial design through to execution of a multi-centre European study. Their wealth of experience meant they provided insight and guidance as well as statistical advice and analysis. They were prepared to go the extra mile."

Dr Phil Nichols, Chief Medical Officer & Head of Clinical Development, Cambridge Laboratories

"Wilkinson Associates has provided me with exemplary, "can do", services from the very beginning of our cooperation in 2006. All my statistical analysis inquiries, including these with very short deadlines, have always been handled efficiently and in timely manners. Wilkinson Associates is a dependable company."

Dr Josef Hruska, Global Senior Medical Advisor, Novo Nordisk Ltd.