SAS Programmers

Most pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies rely on the SAS system to produce statistical analysis tables and data listings. Although SAS provides a very sophisticated platform for statistical analysis and reporting, intensive programming is needed to efficiently provide reports and tables with standardized or customised formats. Our programming team consists of SAS programmers with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We provide a variety of SAS programming services including data processing, data listings, tables, and graphs, as well as standard program development.

Our approach to SAS programming takes a holistic view of clinical trials ensuring it dove-tails seamlessly with clinical, Clinfodata data management, and pharmacokinetics project team functions to deliver quality and excellence in order to meet our clients exacting requirements.

Our programmers guarantee to generate a high quality innovative solution whether we are using our internal global macro library, a client's internal environment, or by programming custom-written SAS code.

Some of the SAS programming services we provide are:

  • Establishing study-specific databases
  • Programming development
  • Development and implementation of validation processes
  • EAS Dataset Creation
  • Building macro libraries
  • Data Listings, Tables, and Graphs
  • SAS Program documentation
  • SAS Program validation
  • Electronic (e-NDA) Submissions
  • Integration of Databases Across Protocols
  • Integrated Summaries of Safety and Efficacy
  • Database conversion programming
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