Sample Size Calculations Performed with Mathematical Accuracy and Commercial Awareness

Sample Size Calculations

WILKINSON ASSOCIATES provides expert advice on a wide range of aspects of clinical trial designs, and sample size calculations (power calculations).

Most Crucial Aspect of Study Design

A combination of wide experience and commercial awareness allied to use of both proprietary and commercial software enable us to provide the power calculations and advice needed in order to optimise trial design. These concepts apply equally to any phase of the drug or device development cycle.

We frequently encounter studies with poor design and with inappropriate statistical input, often leading to inadequate study size. Junior statisticians (unsurprisingly) and academic statisticians (more surprisingly) seem to be the worst culprits. It is easy to carry out the correct mathematical calculations, and yet end up with the wrong sample size. Sample size may well be the single most crucial aspect of a clinical study, so we feel that great care should be taken in selecting a statistician for this work.