Medical Writers for Clinical Trial Work

Medical Writers

Our medical writers have a very wide depth of experience and knowledge based on work performed within the pharmaceutical industry. We also carry out academic researches and participate in contract research organisation projects. WILKINSON ASSOCIATES' medical writing services include clinical trial reports and regulatory packages as well as scientific publication, education material, and consultancy in the medical writing field.


  • Clinical Trial Reports
  • Protocols
  • Non-clinical and clinical sections of the CTD (Common Technical Document) including overviews and summaries for US or EU regulatory authorities
  • Patient information sheets including informed consent and patient brochures
  • Periodic safety update reports
  • Planning for publication
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Editorial support
  • Journal/conference submission
  • Patient safety narratives
  • Educational material for pharmaceutical industry personnel, healthcare professionals, and patients
  • Literature reviews
  • Investigator brochures: a concise and user friendly brochure
  • Interim and abbreviated clinical trial reports
  • Medical marketing reports and reviews
  • IMP dossiers
  • Annual safety reports meeting the requirements of SAE/SUSAR reporting
  • Scientific publications and marketing publications are prepared in cooperation with investigators and sponsors
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