We Offer Expertise in Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics

WILKINSON ASSOCIATES provides a full service client-oriented statistical consultancy offering the full range of medical statistics and biometrics services. Our commitment to service derives from our efficient processes supported by a specially developed, regulatory-compliant, validated global statistical programming environment using SAS version 9 and, as importantly, our experienced biostatistical and statistical programmers.

We have successfully undertaken a variety of statistical and reporting tasks, ranging from individual studies to whole clinical research programs and regulatory submissions. With our latest internal quality procedures receiving positive feedback from auditors and with our dedicated, hardworking individuals prepared to make your priority their priority, WILKINSON ASSOCIATES are confident of meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Biometrics Services

We provide top-notch SAS programming, statistical analysis and pharmacokinetics services for clinical trials. Our experience includes most therapeutic areas in pharmaceutical statistics, Our clients include major pharmaceutical companies and as well as biotechnology companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) .

We provide a full range of statistical consulting Services using a wide selection of statistical techniques.
Our experience and knowledge ranges from Phase I to Phase IV studies, including bioequivalence, drug-drug interaction, pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic studies as well as later phase studies.

Our expertise in biostatistics consulting extends to a wide range of statistical techniques.