Why You Should Choose Wilkinson Associates for Your Data Management Outsourcing


There are larger companies which offer the statistical and data management outsourcing service that we offer. You have probably heard their names a number of times. You may have never heard of us before you visited this website a few minutes ago. So why should you use us?

We care about getting your business, even if you are a small company. Some of our customers have commented that the larger Contract Research Organisations (CROs) often don't treat smaller projects as a priority, as they are too busy chasing after the multi million dollar deals. We are not a large company, and care very much about our clients, however small or large the project may be.

We are adaptable and flexible. We will complete your study how you want it done, not how our "systems" might dictate that it must be done.

WILKINSON ASSOCIATES aims to stand out as different from the average Contract Research Organisation in an industry which is often maligned for a lack of customer satisfaction. Our clients frequently tell us that they find it difficult to keep pace with the revolving door of staff changes in the larger CROs, and the personnel pesent at the start of a project have often 'moved on' by the end of the study. Other issues we have heard include excessive enthusiasm for cost increases masquerading as changes of scope, and the team performing the work bearing little resemblance to the team which pitched for the project. At Wilkinson Associates we have a satisfyingly low turnover of staff, so you will be able to enjoy good and lasting relationships with our people here. Because we don't have a large infrastructure to support, our prices are usually lower (sometimes much lower) than our larger competitors.

We are small enough to maintain the personal touch with our projects. You will always know who you are working with, and you will always be able to speak to the director of the company.